Your ultrasound printed in 3D

What do we do ?

A new take on ultrasounds:

Technology has evolved tremendously in the past decades. We have gone from traditional pregnancy ultrasounds to 3D, 4D and HD Live (which some call 5D). But that is not all. Now you can print those ultrasounds in REAL 3D. Don't settle for a picture of your baby. Get a beautiful sculpture with us. 

How can you do it? It is easy, it only takes 3 easy steps:

Step 1: When your pregnancy is between 23-32 weeks go to the ultrasound facility of your choice and ask them for your Volume file (*,vol).

Step 2: Send us your volume file to us via email.

Step 3: Go to our eStore and make a payment. We will produce the 3D baby model for you. It takes an average of 14 working days to create this beautiful little works of art. If you would like to have it done faster, please give us a call so that we can discuss options to expedite your order. 

Visit our store to place your order!

3D Baby Models

Our 3D Printed Baby Models are a unique piece of baby art. This will be a memory of the time your baby was growing in your womb. We offer you the REAL image of your baby in 3D based on your ultrasound volume data. If the clinic that ayou go to is not working with us yet, please ask them to make a volume file for you before you do your sonogram. If they do not know how to save the sonogram to a volume file tell them to contact us and we will reward you with a nice discount if your clinic becomes our partner. 

A volume file has the following extensions: .dcm, .vol, or .mvl. These files contain the 3D information of your ultrasound that we need. A .jpg unfortunately is only a 2D image and we cannot use it to create your artwork. 

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